Genesis Inc

Genesis Inc is a must see play, it is currently running at Hampstead Theatre till the 28th July and I hugely enjoyed it that I am planning to see it again. The play is written by Jemma Kennedy and stars Harry Enfield, Arthur Darvill, Ritu Arya, Oliver Alvin-Wilson, Laura Howard, Shobu Kapoor, Kirsty Besterman, Clare Perkins and Arthur Wilson. It is based on the struggle of Serena and Jeff, a couple who are trying to have a baby and after a few failed treatments turning to a private clinic, while on the other hand there is Bridget, a successful businesswoman who has had her eggs frozen and her friend Miles, a gay teacher, who she wants to be her sperm donor.

The play was good in portraying each character’s story and emotions. The use of song, dance and emotional dialogues were really effective in the play. Although there were some scenes that were confusing, I enjoyed the other aspects of it. Ritu as Serena was excellent in portraying the struggle and emotions of someone going through fertility treatments wanting to have a child. Another side of the struggle, the one of a husband unable to help his wife and having to see her breakdown, was shown greatly by Oliver who played Jeff.

Jemma Kennedy wrote a great play and the story is touching, it is one that probably countless women and men have been through themselves. I would really recommend people to go see this play at least once.



Killer Joe

Killer Joe is currently playing at Trafalgar Studios and I recently went to see it. The play is about Chris, a guy who falls afoul of the mob and after persuading his father Ansel, hires a contract killer, Killer Joe, to kill his mother to claim the insurance money, which is in the name of his sister Dottie. However, as he doesn’t have the money to pay, Joe demands Dottie as security. The play is dark yet gripping, and it kept me hooked till the end.

Orlando Bloom plays Joe, who is suave yet sinister at the same time. His alpha male personality is shown very well, as Joe quickly establishes his role in the household after getting together with Dottie. Sophie Cookson, who plays Dottie, was amazing. She was expressive, especially in the last scene where it was most probably emotionally draining for her. Adam Gillen played Chris and he portrayed the character well. Playing the well meaning yet gullible character, Adam showed this in his body language and expressions. Last but not least, Steffan Rhodri and Neve McIntosh were equally good as Ansel and Sharla (the stepmother).

Killer Joe is a must see, though there are parts of the play that are shocking, one of them being the one with Dottie being asked to take off her clothes by Joe. The way this is carried out makes the audience seem like active participants in the degrading acts. The play is so gripping that you literally can’t look away for a second. The music used and the lighting also keeps the tension flowing and all this makes Killer Joe a great play.

I would really recommend everyone to go see Killer Joe while it is still running.

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My weekend at HVFF

The weekend of 26th-27th May was when Heroes and Villains (HVFF), an convention run by Fanfest happened in London. The convention specialises in featuring stars of  TV shows and movies based on comics. Last year was its first time in London, and I had volunteered one day while being a normal attendee the other, I enjoyed the experience and vibe of the convention. Therefore when applications to volunteer for this year opened, I jumped at the opportunity and signed up.

To volunteer, you just register and then choose what day and role you would like to work. I chose to work as line control, i.e someone who directs attendees to a specific line at the celebrity’s booth according to what pass they have and controlling the order to which attendees go up to meet the celebrity, in order to make sure everyone gets an opportunity to meet the celeb.

This year, I was assigned to work at Cory Micheal Smith’s booth.Now as I haven’t seen Gotham yet, I don’t know much about the show but I will say from what I saw over the weekend, Cory and the whole Gotham guests were really nice and lovely. Having been the only volunteer at his booth, I was a little nervous on how I was going to manage the crowd, if it was going to be big, but with the help of the other volunteers and a buddy on the Sunday, I think, well I hope I did alright with the Gotham fans. Plus everyone was nice and friendly and cheerful, I didn’t get a single rude attendee and I’m happy with that.


While I was working, I enjoyed seeing people’s cosplays and I also had a few conversations with attendees waiting in line. I also had brief breaks, which allowed me to grab lunch or go say hello to friends who were also volunteering. I was able to see John Barrowman messing about with his Torchwood friends Eve Myles and Burn Gorman during one of my breaks. It was really nice to still see they are close friends even after moving to other projects and Torchwood not running anymore.


See more of Cosplayby_lulu here and Jason Richard Fromm here

At the end of the weekend, I was lucky enough to meet Tyler Hoechlin, John Barrowman, Eve Myles and Naoko Mori. I’ve just started watching Teen Wolf, so I was able to tell Tyler that I liked his character Derek, and although I didn’t get a photo with him which I was hoping for, I did get a hug and high five from him for volunteering. Now, I had already met Eve and Naoko some years back, when they did a science-fiction con ‘Inva3ion’ and when I hadn’t seen Torchwood, but their panel had been a right laugh and very enjoyable, so I was able to tell them of my love for them. If you get an opportunity to meet them, I would really recommend you do so. Now, John is truly an one in a million guy, he’s truly an amazing person. Even after the two very long days and meeting a whole load of people non stop and the fact that he was exhausted, he still allowed a short amount of volunteers to meet him and say thanks. I really love him for doing that.


That was my weekend at HVFF, and I am already looking forward to hopefully volunteering next year, if they will allow me to. If you haven’t yet been to a HVFF con or any FanFest con, I would recommend you to do so, as I mentioned earlier, the conventions are very good, with great customer service. Now my next convention will be London Film and Comic Con (LFCC), so I will have a post about that too when I go.



Deadpool 2

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Deadpool 2 is finally here and what a great movie it is. I loved the first movie, and having waited for the sequel, it didn’t disappoint me. The movie brings back familiar faces, Ryan Reynolds (Wade Wilson aka Deadpool), Morena Baccarin (Vanessa Carlysle), Brianna Hildebrand (Negasonic Teenage Warhead), Stefan Kapicic (Colossus), T.J Miller (Weasel) and Karan Soni (Dopinder); but we also have some new faces, Josh Brolin (Cable), Zazie Beetz (Domino) and Julian Dennison (Russell).

Plotwise, I’m not going to say much, as the movie has only just come out and probably people still haven’t got around to watching it, but it starts up after the events of the last movie, with Wade fighting bad guys and also planning a future with Vanessa, when things happen and Wade finds himself trying to protect a kid from Cable.


Ryan was as epic as ever. He was born to be Deadpool, just like RDJ was born to be Tony Stark. There’s just no one else I can imagine who could play Deadpool as well as Ryan. The references to the Marvel and DC verse and his epic lines were so good. He owned the movie outright.






Josh Brolin as Cable was a perfect choice. From his first scene, Josh gives a great performance. He plays being badass very well and it was entertaining to watch his scenes with Deadpool.

The rest of the cast were also great. I loved Domino, whose power was purely being lucky, and there is one scene where you get to see this in action. I can’t wait to see more of her hopefully soon. Having seen her in action in the last movie, I was a little disappointed in not getting to see much of Negasonic in the sequel, and her girlfriend Yukio. T.J Miller and Karan Soni had brief appearances as Weasel and Dopinder but they were funny, especially in that one scene. Karan especially brought the comic value this time.

I really liked this movie, it felt like something different after the rollercoaster that was Infinity War.



Infinity War thoughts

Hey! Infinity War is out, and boy, this movie is full of feels. What can I say? I had been expecting a few tears but this movie killed me.


I’m not going to go through the plot (so no spoilers) because I’m sure most people have seen the movie already and also because I can not put myself through the traumatic ordeal of recapping it.

I have to say that it was really good, even though it is a sobfest movie. All my favourite characters in one movie, although there were a couple missing. I loved all the MCU characters teaming up to fight Thanos. Infinity War was truly epic. There were moments that made me cry, moments that made me cheer, moments that made me laugh. It literally had everything.

I literally can’t wait for Avengers 4 (part 2 of Infinity War) to see how things get resolved. I know for a fact that I will probably end up sobbing my eyes out then too, like I did with this movie, as a few much loved characters will be leaving us.

So if you haven’t gone to seen it yet, what are you waiting for?? Go see it!


Met Gala 2018 Looks

Yesterday was the Met Gala, the social event of the year, which many celebrities attended and us mere mortals judged their outfits from the comfort of our homes. This year’s theme was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, and there were some fabulous outfits. Here are some of my favourites:

Blake Lively wearing Versace


Zendaya wearing Versace



SZA wearing Versace








Lily Collins wearing Givenchy






Rita Ora wearing Prada


Deepika Padukone wearing Prabal Gurung


Sarah Jessica Parker wearing Dolce and Gabbana







Rihanna wearing Maison Margiela







Scarlett Johansson wearing Marchesa


Emilia Clarke wearing Dolce and Gabbana


Kerry Washington wearing Ralph Lauren


Jennifer Lopez wearing Balmain








Priyanka Chopra wearing Ralph Lauren








Tessa Thompson wearing Thom Browne







Jared Leto wearing Gucci


Chadwick Boseman wearing Versace


Darren Criss wearing Dolce and Gabbana



Day out : London

Hey, so this last weekend had some amazing weather and to take in the sun before it disappeared, I decided to head into the city with a friend and see some pretty views. First stop was St Pauls and the rooftop terrace overlooking the cathedral.

The view from the rooftop was amazing especially on a sunny day. With there being a bar and restaurant on the same level, and a live band playing tunes, the vibe was pretty cool.


From here, we decided to walk to London Bridge nearby. It was great taking in the beautiful views, especially of the Shard. One day I will actually go inside and to the top.


Then we made our way over to the Tower Bridge and let me tell you, just walking towards it, the place was pretty. I should definitely check out my city more.